I landed my first actual Art job when I was 18, when I began drawing Pastel Portraits and Caricatures at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Orlando. I remained there for the next 11 years, drawing people all of all ages, from all around the world. My Disney gig gave me the hands on experience and education which has formed me into the artist     that I am today.

    Since moving to Los Angeles 5 years ago, I have continued my career as a Portrait and Caricature Artist. I now work     freelance, and I travel to various private parties, events, and festivals throughout L.A. County drawing caricatures. 

In my spare time I enjoy painting in a traditional Oil on Canvas style. My main focus are landscapes, still life, portraiture, and contemporary design.
I plan to continue my career as an Artist, working more Caricature gigs, and painting more commission work upon request.

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Face Painting




Sparking conversations and inspiring the imagination, my artwork is as inspired as I am.


Harnessing creativity and perfecting the craft with practical experience.

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Ever-advancing my skills and perspective, as my work is tangible proof of my talent.


My artwork speaks in a voice that is clearly my own. 

About christina DECHELLIS

There is a saying in French: raison d'etre, which means “reason to be”.  

Art has been, and always will be, my reason to be. 
I began my art career in 1999, but Art began much earlier for me.  Ever since I could put a pencil to a paper, one thing was always for sure. I wanted nothing more than to be an Artist.